Greenfoot Live

There are many aspects to making a learners’ programming tool successful. You obviously need the tool to be working and useful, but you also need to have material available on how to use it. Over the past year or two, our team been very busy with a lot of technical implementation work: having made our Stride editor available, we’re now neck-deep in a rewrite of BlueJ’s GUI from Swing to JavaFX. So, we have fallen a bit behind on our efforts to communicate how to teach with Greenfoot, and to engage with teachers who are using it. But this Monday we started a new initiative to try to rectify that: Greenfoot Live. Our plan is that every two weeks on a Monday at 17:00 UK time (which is UTC+1 over the summer), we’re going to do about 30-40 minutes live stream talking about Greenfoot. If you can make it live, great — but if you can’t then you can still watch the recording afterwards.

Our first show involved Michael and me covering how to display text on the screen in Greenfoot using the showText method, but we also discuss a few software design choices and encounter an exception along the way:

The next live stream will be on Monday 22nd May at 16:00 UTC, available via our Greenfoot Youtube channel.

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