Computing in UK Schools, Chapter Two

In spring of 2013 my co-authors and I published a paper on Computing At School in the UK. Due to the lead time in publications, the majority of the paper was written in summer 2012, and tweaked at the end of 2012. After that paper was published, the change from ICT to Computing in the English National Curriculum was proposed and confirmed, and CAS’s Network of Excellence project started, to try to fill the massive training gap that was created by these developments.

We have now written an updated account of what is happening with Computing in the UK (especially England, where many of the biggest developments occurred in the past year). Entitled “Restart: The Resurgence of Computing in UK Schools”, it has just been published in ACM’s Transactions on Computing Education journal, as part of a timely special issue on computing in schools worldwide. You can download the paper for free.

The special issue includes several other interesting papers on computing in schools in other countries. Alas, by default these papers are not publicly available. (As a starter, Mark Guzdial and Barb Ericcson’s is linked in the comments on his blogpost.) However, if any interest you, contact the authors to ask them for a copy, or even better, to make a copy publicly available.

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