Blackbox at SIGCSE

This is a brief announcement, for those who will, or may, attend the SIGCSE (Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education) conference in Atlanta in March next year. The programme has now been published and registration is open. I will attend and present two items about our Blackbox data collection project. Firstly, we have a paper accepted, which I’ll be presenting on Thursday afternoon. (I’ll blog again about this nearer the time.)

Secondly, we will be running a workshop on Saturday afternoon showing how to get started with analysing data from the Blackbox project. This should be of interest to those who already have access to the data but haven’t yet gotten started with their analysis, or those who want a more detailed look at what the project has to offer. If you want to attend, make sure you don’t fly back too early on the Saturday: the workshop runs 3–6pm. You can sign up during registration, or on site. (Technically, the program is still subject to change, but I presume this wouldn’t involve moving the workshop.)

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