ITiCSE 2013: A Computing Education Conference in Kent

This summer we are hosting the ITiCSE 2013 conference at the University of Kent. ITiCSE (Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education) is an international computer science education conference, recently held in Turkey and Israel. The usual audience are computer science education researchers, but there will be also be a special computing teacher’s day at the event.


Teacher’s Day

The teacher’s day is on Monday 1st July. It will cost 100 USD (because it’s an international conference, we’re billing in dollars), or about 65 pounds. The day begins with a keynote talk by Computing At School (CAS)’s Simon Peyton Jones, who’ll be giving an overview of what CAS have been doing. This will be followed by three parallel sessions, but the one likely to be of interest is a panel session on “Transforming Computer Science in Schools”, including Chris Stephenson of the CSTA (think: US equivalent of CAS) and Simon Humphreys from CAS. In the afternoon there will be a hands-on programming workshop given by Michael Kölling (and possibly me, as well).

There is a Sunday night reception too, which I believe includes free drinks. There’s also accommodation at a reasonable rate (under 40 quid a night) if you do want to travel on Sunday. If you have any questions about getting to Canterbury or visiting here , I’d be happy to help if you drop me an email.

Of course, if you are interested and able to attend the full 3-day conference, you are very welcome. The programme is on the ITiCSE website

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